Our company is the manufacturer of liquid smoke machines among the largest in Italy

  specializing in the field dedicated to the light show and entertainment with the product  


  Smokefluid ( Smoke fluid, Liquide fumée, liquido de humo , nebelfluid )

  We have a production of almost a dozen different types of liquid in our basic range well established

  To meet all the needs of our customers and for all smoke machines currently in production in the  world.

  We also make products / formulations to customer specifications and customizations.

  Various models of consolidated basis and customized implementation.

        Smokefluid E-M    Smokefluid E   Smokefluid E-C             Macchina del fumo

                                                    Made in Italy
                                                      bandiera italia

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Chimica Alessandra
Via Dei Curti 1196
24059  Urgnano ( Bg ) Italy
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